Articles by Victor Liu

  1. Circular arcs 4 - extrema

    One basic operation upon shapes is to compute bounding regions. For a shape made up of pieces of simple curves, this amounts to computing directional extrema on the curve. In other words, given a curve and a direction vector \(d\) (without loss of generality we assume it is normalized), determine …

  2. Circular arcs 3 - parameterization

    In the last article, we discussed how to compute a point on the arc given a parameter value. In this article, we explore the inverse problem of computing the parameter value given a point (approximately) on the arc.

    Parameters used for arc evaluation and parameterization.

    To recap, we obtained the …

  3. Circular arcs 2 - evaluation

    Continuing the series on circular arc representations, we next discuss the most fundamental operation of curve representation: evaluation at an arbitrary parameter value.

    The typically most desirable parameterization is arc length parameterization. We will use instead a parameter \(s\in[0,1]\) that is proportional to the arc length parameterization …

  4. Circular arcs 1 - representation

    I have written a short note on circular arcs, but I feel it would be a good idea to revisit much of that material and explain some of the rationale and derivations. We will begin this series with this article on arc representation.

    The goal is to represent an arc …

  5. Moving to Pelican

    It's been almost 4 years since I put this website up at a dedicated domain and host, with no real updates until now. I've moved generation of the site to Pelican instead of the very much defunct SWL. I tell myself that I'll actually make blog posts, but we'll see …

  6. Old news

    I am relaunching this site design at this dedicated domain! Expect more content to show up in the coming weeks.