I consider myself first and foremost a maker and an artist, not a scientist and engineer. I have been drawing and sketching all my life, but I was also classically trained in drawing by Fang Yunhua for several years. I remain interested in all forms of visual arts including computer generated art and typography.

In my spare time I make things, be it code or physical objects. I dabble in woodworking, electronic circuits, and cooking.


These were drawn during my time at Stanford. I found easel pads and charcoal while dumpster diving and decided to make the most of it. The Anna Fisher portrait was done with chalk on foamboard and has a progression. It was given to Matt Fisher as a birthday present (it can be seen in Gates 381 at Stanford). The triforce was etched into foamboard and colored with pastel. It was given as a gift to John and Shai Jester.

These were drawn during my time at Caltech. The machinery were built by Axel Scherer, and I spent a lot of time around them in the summer of 2004 when I did my first SURF.